A Bit About Woman of Power Conference Attendees...

This is our 10th anniversary! We're proud and humbled to serve Northeast Ohio and the entire Midwest region as the Premier Leadership Conference. Woman of Power Conference is a Multi-Professional, diverse forum, hosting high-potential women in industry, private sector, non-profit, civil/public servant, education, government and entrepreneurship. Our platform is inclusive because we gain greater insight in diverse settings.   

The 2018 Woman of Power Conference attracts women (and some men) that are driven to advance their careers, positively impact workplace culture and foster positive change in the community. Each year we embrace social change through candid discussions and WoPC 2018 is leading that initiative with YWCA Greater Cleveland.  

 Here's how we'd describe our past audiences: 

  • LEADER:  She may lead a team or work independently with value-based principles to better the company, clients and her own self.
  • IDEALISTIC: She has (a) vision rooted in principles.
  • FEMALE: She embraces diversity and thrives in a corporate culture that supports qualified women in reaching top management.
  • OPEN TO CHANGE: She is open to sparking change in the work place or community.

Today, we lead the way.  Join us in Moving From Strategy to Execution at Woman of Power Conference on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.