Do You Belong at the 2018 Woman of Power Conference?

Since 2008,  The Woman of Power Conference has provided a leadership development forum for high-potential women in the private sector, non-profit, civil/public servant, education, government and entrepreneurship.  The 2018 conference will have inspiring content for women at all career stages and all industries.  

Our goal is to build a multi-professional program for women to: broaden self-management skills, embrace wellness, enhance workplace culture, and foster positive change in the community.  Here's how we'd describe our past audiences: 

  • LEADER:  She may lead a team or work independently with value-based principles to better the company, clients and her own self.
  • IDEALISTIC: She has (a) vision rooted in principles.
  • FEMALE: She embraces diversity and thrives in a corporate culture that supports qualified women in reaching top management.
  • OPEN TO CHANGE: She is open to sparking change in the work place or community.

Today, we lead the way in sustaining leadership.  Won't you join us?