Afternoon Breakout: Framing Your Execution

WoPC provides two deep-dive breakout sessions (am/pm). Each 90-minute breakout will offer the choice of three tracks with three unique topics . Participants will engage with amazing speakers all followed by an intimate Q & A discussion. Attendees customize their experience by selecting the tracks most relevant to their interests. 

The afternoon breakout session is designed to give participants practical tools and resources to accelerate execution. 

NOTE: Tracks will be selected the day of the conference - no pre-registration required.   

1:15 - 2:45

Framing Your Execution (Pick One Track)

Track 1: Create Clarity
A plan without vision is dead. A vision without a plan is equally lifeless. Gain crystal clear access to your goals through this trifecta approach.

Track 2: Be The Change
Don’t wait for change to find you, go get it! Equip yourself with these essential tools for positive career assertion and personal fulfillment.

Track 3: Enhancing Our Culture
Change doesn’t happen out there, it starts within. Leaders bear a responsibility in uplifting teams and communities and embracing all the attributes that makes us different. Bridge the Divide in this track.