Afternoon Breakout: Framing Your Execution

The WoPC conference provides 2, deep-dive breakout sessions - one in the morning, one in the afternoon.  Each 90-minute breakout will offer the choice of 3 tracks.  In each track, participants will hear from amazing speakers on 3 different topics and engage with the speakers in a facilitated Q&A panel discussion.    Attendees customize their experience by selecting the tracks most relevant to their interests.

The afternoon breakout session is designed to give participants practical tools and resources to accelerate execution.  

1:15 - 2:45

Framing Your Execution (Pick One Track)

Track 1: Create Clarity
A plan without vision is dead. A vision without a plan is equally lifeless. Gain crystal clear access to your goals through this trifecta approach.

Track 2: Be The Change
Don’t wait for change to find you, go get it! Equip yourself with these essential tools for positive career assertion and personal fulfillment.

  • How to Build a Rapport with Managers / Senior Staffers - Coming Soon!                           
  • Fine Tune Your Voice with Resources and Protections - Jeff Barlow, Nimble Consulting Services
  • Tough Conversations - Coming Soon!

Track 3: Enhancing Our Culture
Change doesn’t happen out there, it starts within. Leaders bear a responsibility in uplifting teams and communities and embracing all the attributes that makes us different. Bridge the Divide in this track.